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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
The Last Hope "Manifesto"

"Manifesto" is The Last Hope's sophomore album released recently. This is definitely a big improvement over their debut album. I really love the dirty sound and the energy they put into those songs. The theme of this album seems to be about oppression and the rising to rebel against the corrupt. The them is bit unoriginal and been done millions time in the punk scene which disappoint me a little bit. However, the music aspect definitely doesn't disappoint! They defiinitely play catchy riffs and good, strong vocals. This type of music is good hardcore punk that unfortunately is declining nowadays. This album is definitely for people who loves punk and want to listen to a band that is honest and really believes in what they preach in their music.

Best Song: We Will Rise-very catchy and makes me want to rise my fist!

Worst Song: Convert Or Kill-boring theme and way too generic for my taste. Nothing special or memorable at all about this song.


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Thursday, July 16, 2009
Dead Risen "Demo 09"

Dead Risen is a one man "DIY" project and he sent me this demo few weeks ago and I finally got some time to give it several serious listens. This is definitely a mix of death metal and grindcore. The production is very raw but it really fits the music so I didn't mind. The only thing I would like is for the sound to be a little less fuzzy so I can hear the distortion and riffs more clearly. The riffs and drumming are very catchy which is always a plus for me. The vocals is hard to get used to at first but its death/grind so what do you expect? Definitely not clean vocals, that's for sure! There's only few of 7 songs which is not bad for a demo. I would like to see a full length from them and the production should be focused on making it less fuzzy and improve on the mixing with vocals and the bass. Other than that, its a good start for the band and I am looking forward to see what he have in store for future.

Best Song: I AM- very catchy riffs! I hope they will make more songs with good riffs like this one.

Worst Song: Into Your Heart- this song is pretty much "eh" for me...nothing special at all and doesn't really interest me for some reason.

Score: 6/10

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
A Death Cinematic "A Parable on the Aporia of Vengeance and the Beauty of Unpenetrable Sadness"

I was recommended by a friend to check this band out. Got the album from the man behind this band and I gave it several listens in past week. All I can say what an intense listening experience I ever had in awhile. It's not exactly straight up doom's more of simplistic drone with tons of ambient and a dash of black metal influences. To be honest, I never heard anything like this and I'm really fascinated by this album. Its actually two CDs album packaged in beautiful wood-like CD holder being stored in a nice package. It has amazing photography all over and lyrics insert. The tracklist is 11 songs at almost 90 minutes which is very long for an album(a bonus!). I kind of feel like I will be a bipolar when listening to this album because I'm listening to melodies but at the same time some weird feedback or disortion kicked in. I actually tlaked with the man behind this project and he said that it was made almost completely on the spot and its not meant to be easily reproduced which is remarkable if you think about it.

This album is not for easy listening or listening for fun...this is meant to be taken seriously and sit in dark in the basement with candles on and listen intensely.

Best Song: "The Sun Glints Through The Dust With Risen From Their Hooves" has some weird metalliac riffs that is just awesome.

Worst Song: "Knives At My Brain In The Discordance Of Sleep" still a great song but bit too much for me. I guess I will need to give it more time and absorb the music over time..maybe my opinion will change.

Score: 9/10

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Thursday, July 9, 2009
Gorilla Warfare "Battlefields"

A debut album by Gorilla Warfare, a hardcore punk band that consists of three brothers and a best friend, released by Wounded Records in 2008. This is very spirit filled hardcore and heavily East Coast style which is not surprised considering they are from Nashville, TN. I really dig this album because of the huge chemistry between the members...obviously because they are almost all brothers. The sound is very heavy and they shout mostly about war, militant, and being proud of who you are. Nothing special or amazing about lyrics nor the music itself but I do have to admit its very catchy. Their lyrics kind of remind me of Hatebreed for some reason except its not so negative....just that feeling you get from listening to hardcore....being proud and strong!

Best Song: Band of Brothers- this is pretty much the epitome of what Gorilla Warfare is all about.

Worst Song: Another Day- kinda boring hardcore song...has the passion but bit too generic for my taste.

Overall, this is decent hardcore album and if you are a fan of hardcore then you should pick this up from them. I give this album 6.5/10.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Vociferor "Fall of Man"

An EP by Vociferor, a project by two members of Vanguard, called "Fall of Man" and released by Sullen Records last week. When I received the copy, I went straight to my bedroom and put it in my CD player. After several full throughout listens, I think this album is a decent black metal and a good start for Vociferor. The production is alright but that's typical in the black metal scene and I really dig the riffs. I like the fourth song a lot because it is very different than rest of the songs and honestly it is the most interesting one out of the five songs. Basically, there is nothing special about this album...its like they played the black metal pretty well but I don't really feel any strong emotions or anything like that.

I'm also disappointed that there is no lyrics insert in the booklet because I really like to read the lyrics so I know what the album is all about. I know the title should say it all but I want to know what the band really feel about the fall of mankind. Is it about fall of man as in Adam and Eve era? Or is it about the end times?

Best Song:Unworthy- this is the song I talked about earlier...unique and I really dig the atmosphere.

Worst Song: Preludium-nothing special at all...just typical stuff.

I think this is a decent album and if you are looking for something special or that has the "WOW" factor then you will be disappointed. However if you just want to listen to some good ol' typical black metal then get this.

I really hope they will improve on creating some more emotions in the music and hopefully add lyrics in net album.


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