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Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Vociferor "Fall of Man"

An EP by Vociferor, a project by two members of Vanguard, called "Fall of Man" and released by Sullen Records last week. When I received the copy, I went straight to my bedroom and put it in my CD player. After several full throughout listens, I think this album is a decent black metal and a good start for Vociferor. The production is alright but that's typical in the black metal scene and I really dig the riffs. I like the fourth song a lot because it is very different than rest of the songs and honestly it is the most interesting one out of the five songs. Basically, there is nothing special about this album...its like they played the black metal pretty well but I don't really feel any strong emotions or anything like that.

I'm also disappointed that there is no lyrics insert in the booklet because I really like to read the lyrics so I know what the album is all about. I know the title should say it all but I want to know what the band really feel about the fall of mankind. Is it about fall of man as in Adam and Eve era? Or is it about the end times?

Best Song:Unworthy- this is the song I talked about earlier...unique and I really dig the atmosphere.

Worst Song: Preludium-nothing special at all...just typical stuff.

I think this is a decent album and if you are looking for something special or that has the "WOW" factor then you will be disappointed. However if you just want to listen to some good ol' typical black metal then get this.

I really hope they will improve on creating some more emotions in the music and hopefully add lyrics in net album.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
these arethe same songs on myspace,and the music player on the record label.
Limited to 250...yes 250 idiots who could have saved $9.00plus more by downlodingthis insetad, just like yiu said, I paud to have a lyric sheet,where is it? Makes me automatically think this is nota Christain band, they have something to hide.
like this is one big scam.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow, something to hide? Did you even go on their Myspace? The 1st image is an angel with a cross behind it. They label themselves as "Christian/Black Metal/Metal". And if that's not enough, how about this line "Vociferor is a studio project from two determined men, who have a passion for metal, and an even greater passion for God."? Not to mention being put out on a Christian label.
Also, going by your own comments I'm assuming You are not a Christian. Name calling (idiots) & a suspicious, critical attitude.
You really should take the time to research something before you question or criticize.

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