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Tuesday, September 6, 2011
The Black Dahlia Murder "Ritual"

The new album released by The Black Dahlia Murder.  Normally, I'm not a fan of the band ever since they formed and I never gave them chance until now.  A lot of people told me that this release is their best work and that I will definitely like it.  I decided to listen and bought a copy and give them a chance.  Boy, I'm very glad I did because it truly kicked ass!

Now, don't expect anything innovative or new to come out of this release.  It's really just a solid death metal album.  One thing that I really liked about this album is that it's very varied.  There's some tech death, some melodeath, and even some nice atmospheric sound being created by usage of strings, piano, and acoustics.   One thing that I am very impressed is how much the musicianship has improved since their debut album, Unhallowed, and they proved that they are serious musicians that just so happen to be metalheads who love to party.  There's good amount of solos that are very creative and doesn't completely take over the album.  It's all there to guide the tracks along like a support beam.

I also loved the fact that this album is only around 45 minutes long and that's right amount for this release.  I don't really hear any filler tracks and feel like each track has its own purpose in the whole concept.   That's tough thing to do for a band to pull it off and they did.  All the fans of TBDM will love this album and those who doubt should really give them second chance and give this release an unbiased listen.

Score: 8.5/10

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Thyne Scabbard "Redemption"

  A California metalcore band, Thyne Scabbard, was founded in early 2000's and released only one full length as far as I know.  This debut album laid in my cd collection and has been collecting dust til few days ago and I went through my collection and I decided to give it a listen.  Honestly, I cannot remember if I gave it a listen when I obtained it years ago.

   Musicially, the band is straight up metalcore with some death metal influences.  A lot of people said it has some black metal tones in it but I don't really hear it anywhere with exception for the vocals which is high and raspy but I don't really consider that solely black metal... just a vocal style, nothing more.  The drums is very loud and clear throughout the album.  The biggest disappointment for me is the bass.  For some reason it sounds pretty fuzzy and it's more of a background and supporting the guitars.  I would like to hear the bass player to be more assertive and do some of his own solos.  Guitars is very solid and crisp.  The production is not really consistent but that's to be expected with this being an independent release.  Doesn't really bother that much.. just a note for those audiophiles.

  So far, my favorite tracks are The King of AbandonLies, Lust, and Redemption,  and To Those Who Cursed Me.  Those songs are fast, heavy, and very catchy.  I definitely can see the band's potential to develop their sound with those songs.  However, the album also has some awful songs such as Reaching Out With Broken Fingers, which is boring and sound like it is a combination of two other songs on the album.   I don't like to hear an album where the songs are bit samey and I detect that with this album.  I still have to say it's a pretty solid debut album and I expect the band to progress further with next album if they do plan on it.

Score: 7/10

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Thursday, September 1, 2011
I'm back...for now.
Hey readers,

     It's been awhile since I've checked in here.  I honestly thought the blog is done for good but I got an itch to start reviewing again.  However, I'll be reviewing mostly stuff that I already own in my music collection so there will be a lot of older albums.  I'll review whatever new album I purchase from now and on as well, but I don't buy as much as I used to due to finance reason of course. 

Bands, if you want me to review your music, I will, but only if you send physical copy of your music.  I'm really tired of digital music and a physical copy will certainly make it worth an effort for me.  Sorry, I'm still old school!   Just send me an e-mail: xfilesmanix -at- yahoo -dot- com.

Expect to see some new reviews coming soon.  I'm currently sorting through my music collection!

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