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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Immundus "Poemia"

Immundus, a dark ambient artist from Portugal/Norway, released a single album called Poemia. The main inspiration behind this album is the infamous Edgar A. Poe and his literary. The single album consist of three songs:

1. The Sleeper
2. Alone
3. Spirits of the Dead

The album is available for download at the website at the end of this review. This is some really dark ambient music and I really dig it a lot. Very creepy and desolate. It's best to be listened while you're alone and in a dark room to really let the atmosphere impact you the way it's meant to be. The guy is definitely very talented and he released many albums before this single album. One thing that would've been cool is if he made this into a concept album. At first I was pretty hesitant when I heard it's inspired by Poe's writings since that's been done many times in past but I do like this perspective on the writings and focus more on the atmosphere that Poe pulled really well in his writings. If you pay attention to his writings, it's all about what's happening around the character. Same concept applies to this album which is what I really enjoyed. This guy really get what Poe's works was all about. Recommended for anyone who dig horror related music or ambient genre.

Best Song:Spirits of the Dead-my favorite and I can not stop listening to this song. Absolutely dark and beautiful.

Worst Song: Alone- still great song but I tend to listen to Spirits of the Dead much more often.

Score:8/10 (For free download, just go to the releases section and you will see Poemia with a link for download)

Video below is for another album but should give you a good idea of the sound

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Desolate Anguish "Trainwreck Session Demo 2009"
Desolate Anguish is a band from Tennessee. I cannot really describe their exact genre because they combine many different sounds to form their own unique music. There's some doom, noise, and punk. I really dig it a lot because punk just so happen to be my favorite genre and it's nice to hear some chaotic sounds incorporated in the music. This demo consists only three songs and the longest track clocks at over 12 minutes and shortest track is a little over 3 minutes long. That's some nice variety of lengths which I dig because sometimes I wanted to hear a short track and sometimes I like to sit down and truly listen to the longer tracks. The punk influence truly shines in the riffs and you can really hear the gritty and dirty style being shown in the guitar riffs which is my favorite part. The vocals is very screeching and normally that would annoy me but it really fits the music very well so I don't really mind as much as I normally would. They displayed their doom/sludge side in the construction of the songs. You can hear how things slow down as they enter the breakdowns and how heavy this sounds really are. They definitely have something special here and I am really excited to see what they will do and I was told by the band that they are entering studio very soon so they should have something new sometimes this year. I definitely recommend this for any people who dig the sludge style and punk as well. If you dig both as I do then you will really love this one.

Best Song: Traitor-Love this track- full of punky riffs and perfect mix of punk and sludge being shredded in the blender.

Worst Song: All That A Man Has He Will Give To Save His Own Life- great track but does get bit repetitive for my taste and this is where the vocals annoy me sometimes as well.

Score: 8/10- great demo and really make me looking forward to whatever they plan to spit out this year.

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