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Thursday, July 9, 2009
Gorilla Warfare "Battlefields"

A debut album by Gorilla Warfare, a hardcore punk band that consists of three brothers and a best friend, released by Wounded Records in 2008. This is very spirit filled hardcore and heavily East Coast style which is not surprised considering they are from Nashville, TN. I really dig this album because of the huge chemistry between the members...obviously because they are almost all brothers. The sound is very heavy and they shout mostly about war, militant, and being proud of who you are. Nothing special or amazing about lyrics nor the music itself but I do have to admit its very catchy. Their lyrics kind of remind me of Hatebreed for some reason except its not so negative....just that feeling you get from listening to hardcore....being proud and strong!

Best Song: Band of Brothers- this is pretty much the epitome of what Gorilla Warfare is all about.

Worst Song: Another Day- kinda boring hardcore song...has the passion but bit too generic for my taste.

Overall, this is decent hardcore album and if you are a fan of hardcore then you should pick this up from them. I give this album 6.5/10.

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