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Sunday, December 13, 2009
Baroness "Blue Record"

Second full length by Baroness, a progressive Sludge Metal band who are famous for the masterpiece, "Red Album" and they definitely doesn't disappointed me with this album. To be honest, I'm absolutely thrilled they decide not to make the exact same album as "Red Album" because then that would be bit...stale. They change their style a bit in this album and become more fun and catchy.

This album is much more progressive and focus more on the song structure. There's some repetition throughout the album and that is a good thing. I liked the fact I'm able to hear some amazing riffs over again and again yet at same time it's not occurring so often because there is some variety as well. The vocals is not the best and when I first heard the vocals I was taken aback at first because I'm not used to that. However, I gotten used and start to really appreciate the style. It actually really fit the music really well. It's definitely not for everyone but if you either enjoy the style or can get past it then you will absolutely adore this stuff. One thing that I really dig a lot is that blues feeling hidden in there somewhere... It's there but not quite there at same time so if you kept listening to the album over and over again then you will detect it like I did.

Best Song: "A Horse Called Golgotha" such a killer song and my favorite Baroness song. Killer chorus and just amazing vocals, guitar riffs, drumming...heck it's nearly perfect song. I don't want to say it's perfect because perfection doesn't exit but this is pretty darn close!

Worst Song: none...I can't pick which is the worst because this is such a killer album and I can't bring myself to pick a song and call it "worst song" out of the tracklist.

Score:10/10- Yes I gave it a's definitely album of the year for me and quite possibly of the decade. It's up there on my top ten favorite album of all time....but I need to give it some time to see if it will pass the test of time which I am pretty sure it will.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009
Desyre "Warning of the Night"

Desyre is a Glam/Hair Metal band from Finland and they already have few demos under their belt. This album is their first full length album, which is released few months ago. The cover art is pretty cheesy and very 80's, but that is to expected. However I think it could have been designed better.

The music is classic Glam Metal sounds and it's actually bit dated to me because there is nothing new being done here. They played the sound really well though and sadly that style is not my thing. I bet fans of 80s Glam Metal and Hair Metal would dig this album a lot but if you are not t
hen don't bother with this. I do have to admit the vocalist is really good and he's very talented. Too bad he's not in something like Power Metal or just straight up Heavy Metal band because I would totally dig that much more and buy the albums.

Best Song: "Can't Let Go" you can really see the vocalist' talent in this song and I actually liked it.

Worst Song: "
Yule Night Brightness"-boring and like I said...not my favorite style so I don't like most of the songs off this album.

Score: 5/10-Gave them points for the vocals and being good at what they are doing. If I am a fan of the style then the score would be higher but I'm not.

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