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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
The Last Hope "Manifesto"

"Manifesto" is The Last Hope's sophomore album released recently. This is definitely a big improvement over their debut album. I really love the dirty sound and the energy they put into those songs. The theme of this album seems to be about oppression and the rising to rebel against the corrupt. The them is bit unoriginal and been done millions time in the punk scene which disappoint me a little bit. However, the music aspect definitely doesn't disappoint! They defiinitely play catchy riffs and good, strong vocals. This type of music is good hardcore punk that unfortunately is declining nowadays. This album is definitely for people who loves punk and want to listen to a band that is honest and really believes in what they preach in their music.

Best Song: We Will Rise-very catchy and makes me want to rise my fist!

Worst Song: Convert Or Kill-boring theme and way too generic for my taste. Nothing special or memorable at all about this song.


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Anonymous The Last Hope said...
really appreciate your review. corrective criticism is always appreciateted. keep up the good work, the scene needs some good hearts and ears. cheers and much love. -Dylan/ The Last Hope

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