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Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Norma Jean "The Anti Mother"

Third album by Norma Jean and quite possibly one of their best work.  I'm very impressed and surprised because I thought they are done for after that Redeemer debacle.  This album is definitely different and has some typical chaotic metalcore, post hardcore, and even post rock songs.  There's a lot of guest musicians like Chris Moreno, Page Hamilton, Cove Reber, etc.  That's pretty cool and something different coming from Norma Jean.

It's definitely not same as their earlier works ala Bless The... and O'God... albums but it's a huge improvement than Redeemer like I said earlier.  The first few songs are your typical Norma Jean chaos and full of heaviness and breakdowns.  The later songs are more softer and full of "post" influences.  All of the guest musicians did great and adds something nice to the songs they worked on.  The production is great as usual which is what I always expect from them.  However, the album isn't perfect... far from it in fact.  There's couple of filler tracks that I felt were put in there just to make it a full length album.  I know I said it's one of their best albums but that doesn't mean it's the best album ever.  Basically it's a solid metalcore album for all those who enjoy that scene.

Score: 7/10

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