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Saturday, January 21, 2012
Arch/Matheos "Sympathetic Resonance"

Two members of Fates Warning, John Arch and Jim Matheos, formed a new project called Arch/Matheos (duh) and released their debut album, "Sympathetic Resonance" after eight long years of waiting since the excellent EP "Twist of Fate". This album is like Fates Warning 30 years later except it's updated obviously. 

John Arch definitely is the mastermind behind Fates Warning's success and downfall(they sucked after he left) and now he's doing it again with this project.  I'm not entirely sure if it's going to be a permanent thing or just a project.  I guess we will find out soon enough.  Anyway, he practically picked up where he left off when he disappeared after Fates Warning time and it's like he never left the music scene.  It's crazy how great he sounds and his talents haven't faded away.

It's full of insane guitar solos and the vocals is absolutely killer.  One thing for sure, don't expect another Fates Warning album! It is very prog and and even heavier.  I even detect Nevermore style riffing in some songs.  There's a lot of variety with the tempo and vocal ranges.  I haven't become bored as I listen through the album and every song is at least enjoyable though most are great.  At the same everything flow together and each song complements each other.  There is one thing that really disappoint me is the bass.  The bass is mostly just in the background and there is nothing special about it really.  As you regular readers know I am bass fanatic and I want to hear more bass!

Definitely a great comeback album for John Arch! Recommended for progheads and anyone who dig interesting metal album.

Score: 8/10

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