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Sunday, January 10, 2010
Yidhra "Promo EP"

Yidhra is an upcoming doom metal band and I've heard one of their song off the DMA(Doom Metal Alliance) Sampler. I really loved the song so I went ahead and bought a copy of their EP. I have to say it's such a bargain because it was only 5 bucks!

The music is pretty much straight up doom metal and there isn't anything that haven't been done. However they played it so well that I can't help but really dig the music. It's very catchy and I absolutely love the song structure. Just listen to "Witch Queen" and you will know what I mean.

One thing I really have to commend is the production of the EP. When I heard how clear and crisp the sound is, I pretty much said "YES!". I love me underground music and totally understand the reasons behind crappy or so-so production, either on purpose or not. However, I would like to hear some good quality music every now and then. They really put their money into this release and the quality is excellent. I can hear every instruments really well and none of them are either too loud or too quiet. Huge props to the guy behind the mastering.

Best Song: "Witch Queen"

Worst Song: "Ancient Ones" (don't get me wrong...still a good song!)

Score: 8/10

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