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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Uni-SEF "Can These Bones Live?"
UniSEF hail from Boise, Idaho and they are proud to be one of the only Christian punk band from that area as well. Unfortunately they just split up last year so that means no plans for new album. You can still order their albums from their online store at:

This is some great straight up punk rock album and they definitely remind me a lot of old school punk rock like The Altar Boys...especially their early stuff. The vocals is fun and I absolutely love their lyrics. It's fun to sing along! You can hear various of influences from street punk like Rancid to a little bit ska. They are very passionate about what they sing about so you can feel that they are very genuine at what they do and believe in. They also included their songs from Death and Revolution split with Thee Impostors in this album so that's nice if you don't have the split.

Best Song: Drive Thru Amerika -very catchy and the lyrics is my favorite out of all songs.

Worst Song: Paulie-still pretty decent though.


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