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Saturday, October 3, 2009
I Destroyed Leviathan "EP"

I Destroyed Leviathan is an one man project and the EP is free to download. You can check it out at the myspace link at the bottom of this review. Someone requested to have this EP reviewed. I personally am not really familiar with the genre "nintendocore" and am not sure if it is really necessary. I decided to just give it a listen anyway.

At first I wasn't sure what to think of this music. It's pretty much electronic noise with samples from the nintendo games music. The song titles are pretty funny though. It actually make me chuckle the first time I heard the entire EP but I noticed I got tired of it pretty fast by the time I was done. I would say it's worth a free download but if there ever is any album for sale in this style then I definitely won't buy it.

If you want something to listen and have few laughs then go for it. If not, then walk on.

Best Song: Run Forest Run-I actually think this song is pretty catchy. I probably will keep just this song and get rid of the rest.

Worst Song:The Real Intro-uh? what?

There is no video clip in this review....because there isn't any in existence that I know of so far.


Score:4/10-overall pretty boring stuff except for a song here and there. Might be worth a download if you want to hear to something that's just wacky. The art is pretty cool though so scored some points for that.

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Blogger Michel said...
This is way awesomer than just a 4 out of 10 o.O''

Like you anyway ^^

G'day =D
-Michel Merx.

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