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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Mystified "Pulse Ringer Pieces"

Imagine yourself falling into a reality of pure blue water existence...that is what I felt when I listened to this vinyl on my record player. This is some excellent ambient music and I personally never heard of this band before I got a copy from the record label- Droehnhaus(in Germany).

The first side(A) has 3 very dark and doomy songs. None of the songs are fast at all...just very slow and ominous mood setting. I find it very fascinating to hear that while watching the record spinning around and around. The record itself is blue so it really fit the mood I think the band is trying to portray in the music. On the third song, there is something that is bit different. The beats I hear is pretty muffled. At first I thought it was some kind of mistake made during production but I realized that it fits the song really well. It almost give a suffocating feeling which makes sense.

The another side(B) is much more uplifting but not entirely happy, happy, joy, joy feeling. It's almost like I'm being pulled slowly out of the watery I was in the deep then floating slowly up to the surface. It's definitely interesting feeling and I really dig it a lot. The sound is much more soothing and calm than the first side.

I strongly recommend this album for people who are into ambient/noise and want to have a true musical and visual experience. This album is only released on vinyl so you better have a record player to play it.

Best Song: Phantom Ringer-the first song and the darkest. I just love the vibe I get while listening to the album. It's almost like I was "born" into the dark and watery existence.

Worst Song: Floaty Ghost-second song and a little too "samey" to the first song in my opinion but still a great song overall.


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