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Monday, September 28, 2009
Makeshift3 "Fluorescent Black"

Alright, I'm gonna do a punk album review this time. Been a little while!

Makeshift3 has been around ever since mid 90's and I'm very surprised only few people are aware of them. I own all of their album but I decided to do a review on their most recent one, "Fluorescent Black", which was released several years ago in 2002 or 2003...something like that. This album is very decent and if someone want me to describe what Makeshift3 is like then I would definitely say a mix of MxPx and Emery. They play some songs in simple punk style but they also introduce a little of "hardcore" and screamo into the mix.

When I first saw couple pictures of the band members, I actually assumed they are just another lame "pop-punk" band that ruined the punk scene. I decided to give them a couple of listens on myspace clips and I was totally wrong. I bought their albums to give 'em a couple of serious listens. Boy, I'm glad I did that. Totally cliche but true....don't judge a book by its cover!

The album is very eclectic and jump around different shades of punk. There is some melodic punk rock songs and there are some songs that have strong hardcore style vocals. The vocals is the best part of the album. That dude can really scream! The guitar work is pretty much straightforward for punk band.

This album is good for a punk fans who appreciate different aspect of the punk genre such as punk rock, hardcore, classic punk, et cetera.

Best Song: Irish Sky-I just love this song and maybe I'm biased cuz I'm Irish.

Worst Song:Nine Year Love Song-actually almost a pop-punk song which I don't like in general but I do have to admit it's not bad for that style.

Here's some video clip with their music for you to listen.

Score: 6.5/10-not the best punk band ever but pretty decent.

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