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Friday, September 11, 2009
Last Rites Demo

I downloaded this demo off (legal download site-free!) and I'm glad I did. This is a really good thrash metal stuff! Last Rites was formed last year and to this day they still don't have a record label deal. That pretty much surprised me because this is some good stuff. The only issue I have is the production as it is bit shoddy. I'm not really surprised because this is demo so can't really expect an excellent mastering.

Virtual Flesh- first song on the demo. It's pretty much a decent song. I could say there's almost nothing special about this song. However the riffs are great and the drumming is excellent on this song. I'll have to say its a little too fuzzy but that's mostly due to the production issue.

Degradation of Humanity- this is a good introduction to what Last Rites is all about. Good thrash metal with passionate lyrics. I would prefer this song to be the first one on the demo but track arrangements is not that big deal to me. I can always just choose to listen to this song first.

Anima Christi-last song on the demo and my favorite. I really love the riffs in there and the vocals is awesome! Definitely show the potential Last Rites has and I believe they will put out excellent albums. This is what thrash metal is all about!

Score: 6.5/10-mostly due to production...I just hate the fuzzy sounds.

you can download this demo for free at

Or check them out at

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