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Saturday, August 15, 2009
Seventh Angel "Lament For The Weary"

Hail the Seventh Angel! This is their second full length album and my favorite. This is such an excellent thrash album with big doom influences. I honestly never heard of that mixture until I listened to this album. It is so obvious due to some members being involved in several doom bands.

Each song is so freaking heavy and the guitar riffs is still so dirty but much chunkier than the debut album. The production is so much better in this album. I really appreciate that the bass is much more listenable because I'm bass freak and I think bass is under appreciated in a lot of metal albums. The drums is even better due to production and the drummer improving his skills. Overall, all instruments are much improved and the debut album is tough to beat but they surely did so.

The lyrics is amazing and very emotional inspired. It's very dark and they spoke of topics that not so many bands are willing to sing about. Especially the song "No Longer A Child" about a child experiencing abuse and rape.

Every ounce of this album is amazing and I will have to say this album is near perfection. In fact I went ahead and gave this album the perfect 10/10 which is a first!

Best Song: "Lament For The Weary"-title track and the most balanced in this album.

Worst Song: “Life In All Of Its Emptiness”-still excellent song but just inferior to rest of the songs in this album.

Score:PERFECT 10/10

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