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Monday, August 31, 2009
A Hill To Die Upon "Infinite Titanic Immortal"

A Hill to Die Upon released their debut album, "Infinite Titanic Immortal," on Bombworks Label few months ago. I have to say this is an amazing debut album and I am still blown away by the fact that almost all of the members are only 20 years old or younger. The music sound like it's all been done by bunch of veterans, but at the same time it has that excitement of young musicians motivated to put out great music.

A lot of people call them a black metal band but I am not entirely sure about that. I look at them more as an extreme metal band because they don't play purely black metal. It's heavily mixed with death metal, some thrash, and even core influences. That might put off the "tr00" metal elitist when they read that part about core influences but I'm serious when I said its really good music that all metalheads will enjoy, even the core kids and the elitists!

The best part of the music has to be the vocals and the guitar riffs. Even drumming was great on this album. The thing that bothers me a little bit is the bass. It's not as strong as rest of the instruments being used. The lyrics are awesome and the artwork is definitely amazing! One look at the cover art and you know for sure it's going to be a killer cd!

Best Song: "Twin Heads of Vengeance" and "This King Never Smiles" are my two favorites songs off this album. The second song is actually from their demo which they rerecorded in much better quality.

Worst Song: "Rime"-still good song but at same time I kept skipping this song to listen to other better songs that interest me more.

Score: 8.5/10

Definitely a solid album that everyone should definitely pick up!
Anonymous Winnow said...
Along Sympathy's Agononic Tyranny I find this AHTDU album the best death metal albums to come out in the christian scene for a while.

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