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Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Erasmus "Memento Mori I:Outrocuidance"

A debut full length album by Erasmus, the one-man band, was just released on Sullen records. I finally got this CD last week and been listening to it a lot this week. I have to say this album is a lot more ambient than the EP. I'm really glad its much longer than the EP(duh!) and gotta love the song titles...very creative. It's not that lo-fi or raw like typical south american BM bands(hehe) but it's definitely not the most polished sounding, which is a good thing. The album art pretty much say it all...have the desolate/loneliness mood to the music.

The only thing that bother me about this album is the drumming. I don't know what it is about the's just not memorable and it kind of ruined the awesome guitar riffs. Maybe with better mixing it would be much more productive.

I'll have to say good job with the debut album and I would love it if there is some more variety in the vocals and I really HOPE the drumming parts will be improved.

Best Song: To Weigh The Distance Burning Closer-really love the guitar riffs and the atmosphere in this song...drumming is not so bad either. If the next album has more songs in the veins of this one then it would def be a big improvement.

Worst Song: The Somnambulant's Lament-interesting song idea what Somnambulant means...but this song is alright. Nothing memorable and the drumming pretty much ruined it for me.

Score: 7/10

Great album for black metal fans to obtain. Its limited to only 250 copies so you better grab one soon before it's sold out.

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