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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Dormant "Consolamentum"

Hailing from Netherlands, Dormant is an one man black metal project by Nain-User. He released this album on now defunct Son of Man records in 2006, limited to only 100 copies.

This is some great black metal! When I listened to it at work, I actually felt like I'm alone in my cubicle and it's all cold... almost like I'm imaging myself in one giant frozen barren lands. This is one of few black metal albums where a real drums is actually being used which is great. It's actually refreshing to hear that because I honestly am getting sick of programming drums. It simply is not the same.

I really love the variety of vocals being used in this album. There's screaming, clean singing, whispers, and I can really see that the guy behind this project really have a talent for vocals. I also dig the fact that some songs are in English and some are in Dutch. I always have a thing for bands singing in their native language. It just makes it more beautiful and emotional for me because I have to rely on the music to feel the emotions more deeply than I would've if I listened to English songs.

There is an album in the works for years. Let's hope it will be released soon because this is some quality black metal. Too bad this album is long out of print so good luck obtaining a copy folks!

Best Song: The Grevious Children- this is where the drumming part absolutely shines!

Worst Song: Dromant Souls-could use some more creativity in vocals and riffs. However it still is a good song.

Score: 8/10

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