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Friday, June 12, 2009
Within The Torn Apart "Drone In Blood Out"

Within The Torn Apart is a drone band by Napalm Dave. This album is basically a compilation of his earlier tracks made in 2007-2009. Currently, he has a debut album that will be released on Sullen Records sometimes this year.

Drone is a genre that is not for everyone, and it is purely underground with an exception for Sunn 0))) which is the most well known drone band.

I received the album from Dave and I gave it couple of listens over past several days. I can tell already he's a veteran in the scene and have huge talent. Some of the tracks has bad production but still enjoyable.

I really dig the Sunn 0))) tribute tracks and the one that has Fire (Eligbbor, Frost Like Ashes, Firethrone) contributed his vocals. The tracks all are blistering beasts that just ripped everything apart!

Best track:Darkness Into Light
Worst track:Up Above

Score: 6/10 due to production

I am definitely looking forward to the debut album that is coming out sometimes this year.

You better keep an eye out! Like Dave said, Drone on!

Download the album for free!

(link with permission by the band)

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