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Monday, June 15, 2009
Venia "Victory By Surrender"

This is the female fronted melodic metal band, Venia from Finland...not to be confused with the other Venia from US...the hardcore band which is not even that good.

Anyway, the album was released few months ago on Open Grave Records and it is pretty good. The music is something like a bit of thrash, power, melodic, progressive, and dual vocals(male and female) all thrown in blender. That is not a bad fact I dig the sound a lot. It's definitely a big improvement over their EP on production and songwriting. I really like the way they have some songs in English and others in Finnish. I guess I have a thing for music in foreign languages.

Best Song:Victory by Surrender
Worst Song:Liberty

I am already looking forward to see what they have in store for next album.

Score: 7/10

You can buy the album at

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