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Saturday, June 20, 2009
Primitive Graven Image "Traversing The Awesome Night"

Hailing from UK, Primitive Graven Imaged released this debut album on Open Grave Records back in 2006 and it is pretty great for a debut album. It's very obvious that they are heavily influenced by Darkthrone but it's definitely not a rip-off. I really dig the thrash influences on this album. Thrash metal happens to be one of my favorite metal subgenre so I really dig the sounds. I like the way they used a little of keyboards and focus more on the guitar riffs. I've noticed that many black metal bands focused mostly on keys which is getting boring for me. It's actually refreshing to listen to their album.

I definitely recommend the album to anyone who dig black metal and want to hear something different than typical black metal that went overboard with keys.

Best Song:Fear and Fire
Worst Song: Design


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