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Monday, June 15, 2009
Horde "Hellig Usvart"

Fans of this band always cheer "HOOOOOOORRDDEE!"

If you are a christian metal fan and you don't know about this band then you must have been living under the rock your entire life. Horde is one of the most famous christian black metal band(one man band actually) and released the album, "Hellig Usvart", back in mid 90's. This is the most important release for the "unblack" scene due to it being released on Nuclear Blast.

Okay, enough about history...if you want to know more then research!

Generally, the music is pretty good but a little bit generic in my opinion. The vocals is alright but hey come on, its black metal so the vocals gotta sound brutal. What I really dig about this album is the drums...its excellent which is obvious due to who the man behind the band is....(if you don't know who then get out of the rock!). I always think the song titles are so cheesy that it's awesome!

Best song: Invert the Inverted Cross
Worst song: An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly in the Falling Moonlight

This album is absolutely an essential for black metal collection. However, the quality is not top notched like Antestor's material. It is more valuable due to the history behind the album.

Score: 7/10

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love the fact that it is a low production, atmospheric album! I mean, That's what Black Metal is about!

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