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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Flaskavsae "Celestial"

Holy cow! What an excellent album by Flaskavsae! Flaskavsae is an ambient black metal band founded in 2005. Flaskavsae has been experimenting with the black metal and ambient sounds to create something unique and more original than many other black metal bands. This album is actually supposed to be Flaskavsae's debut album but was held and another albums got released first. Finally, it got released in Summer, 2007 to the lucky 50 people who were aware of it.

Now, it is OOP and rare to find. I am very fortunate to acquire this album several months ago and I absolutely love it. Really dark atmosphere and excellent and fast drumming. I really dig the vocals a lot because it sounds absolutely beastly...definitely not human like!

The production is very lo-fi which really adds up to the atmosphere. The album really makes me feel like I'm in some kind of dark cave and I am going insane. The guy who's behind this band obviously knows what he's doing with the production which is great and rare in black metal scene. If you ever come up a copy then grab it before it disappears in thin air(....or bought by someone else who is faster than you).

Best Song: Tie between Celestial and Raised By Fire. Both are very brutal tracks and just perfectly composed of fast and complex drumming, heavily distorted guitar riffs, and beastly vocals to drive you crazy!

Worst Song:Without War. Still excellent track...just could use some more variety of drumming.

Score: 9.5/10

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