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Saturday, June 20, 2009
Centinex "Bloodhunt/Reborn Through Flames"

One of many swedish death metal bands to come out during early 90's. Centinex actually produced decent death metal music. This album is actually two in one. Bloodhunt is an EP while Reborn Through Flames is full length. It's actually nice to have both in one since Reborn Through Flames is my favorite album by Centinex and the EP is one of their last good material in my opinion. The songs on the album is really schizophrenic because there are mix of excellent death metal with swedish influences, some are slower and more melodic, while others are just standard death metal songs. They did a cover on Kreator's song which is alright. Not the best cover song ever but they did it well enough not to disrespect Kreator's legacy.

If you want to listen to some good 90s style swedish death metal then go ahead and get this album. However if you are looking for something that is excellent and amazing then you definitely will be disappointed. This album is more for fans of death metal and if you are not then don't bother getting this album.

Unfortunately this band split in 2006 so there won't be any more albums after their last one, World Declension, and personally, I think it's about time anyway because they haven't been producing anything better than their older materials.

Best Song:Molested
Worst Song: Luciferian Moon

Score: 6/10

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