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Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Incrave "The Dead End"

Ulterium Records is one of the best metal record out of Europe right now. Incrave released their sophomore album, "The Dead End" about a year after their debut. I have not listened to the debut album but I heard from several people that it's big improvement so I will take their words. I honestly cannot remember where I got this album from but I stumbled on it today and decided to give it a listen. I'm glad I did!

I usually am not big fan of power metal and tend to be very picky on those type of music. However, I have to admit I enjoyed this album. It's a little bland for me and could use more variety of riffs and vocal techniques. I am surprised with the way they used the keys in this album and I really liked that. I'll have to say my favorite track got to be either "The Touch Of Death" or "Nevermore". If you are a power metal fan then you probably will enjoy this a lot. This is a good progress for Incrave since they are so young (average is 22 years old I believe) and I'm looking forward to see what they have in store for next album. 7/10

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