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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Hortor "By the Sword of the Almighty Emperor"

Hortor is a black metal band from Mexico and they released a demo, an EP, and a debut album. I am reviewing the EP, which have four songs. I don't really know what most of their lyrics means because they are in Spanish. However, I really dig the emotion and the keys in this EP. The major problem would be the mastering because it is really hard to listen through the bad production. I hope they would improve that aspect and put some money in mastering part. I can see that they have big potential to be a really good black metal band. The only thing that hold they back would be the production/mastering. Definitely give them a listen and try to ignore the production issues. 5/10

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
They are a white metal band.

All their songs are christian religion based songs.

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