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Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Frost Like Ashes "Born To Pieces"

Frost Like Ashes is a band created by Sebat in 2001. They are mixed black/death metal and just released Born To Pieces EP last year. This happened to be one of my favorite release of 2008. The album is limited to 250 copies and is already sold out. The album is absolutely amazing... I listened to it for weeks when I first got it. First three tracks are totally solid and Born To Pieces track is my favorite track. It's so brutal and the lyrics is hauntingly straightforward about abortion. The EP have two covers, one of Saint's "Plan 2" and Johnny Cash's "When the Man Comes Around". Both covers are excellent done although I prefer the Cash over one a little better than the Saint one. They also did an acoustic version of their famous song, "A Nightfall's Cold Kiss", which is an interesting but good song. At first I was hesistant because I normally am not a fan of acoustic versions but they did this one very well. The last two tracks are rehearsal tracks which is nice to hear and see how they usually rehearse.

This is definitely a must for any death/black metal fans. Unfortunately its all sold out so you will have to search through ebay or see if anyone have it for sale/trade. 9/10

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