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Monday, December 15, 2008
Kekal- 1000 Thoughts of Violence

I've been listening to Kekal's "1000 Thoughts of Violence" and I just have to They kept delivering amazing album after another. I just bought this one few weeks ago after enjoying The Habit of Fire for past several months. I think I'll have to say I love this album better than Habit. My reasons are that it is a fusion of black metal and avant garde. It's the perfect balance between two "eras" of Kekal. I get to listen to the best of both eras in my opinion. I have to say my favorite song is Violent Society because it is just remarkable how they can somehow combine black metal with little bit of strange hip hop right in the middle. At first I was like what was that? Then I realized what they did and I have to give them props for having guts to go that far and it definitely work very very well. I definitely am planning to order more of their albums and see what else they have to offer. I also am looking forward to their new album coming out sometimes this month(i believe). If you are in mood for some avant garde or even some good black metal then I definitely recommend you to check them out. 8/10


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